A contemporary virtual art space in Secondlife for art exhibitions, sound art, performance art, video art/ Machinima, art talks and other art related events.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CONCRETE KITE by Eupalinos Ugajin (Feb27 - Mar13)

Yarn Factory Art Project's new location at Ionic Spell collective SIM

Gallery entrance

Machinima by Ruth Latour

            EUPALINOS UGAJIN is one of the most prolific visual artist in Second life who's done numerous exhibition/ installation art around the grid. EUPALINOS' works mostly with regular prims and sculpties with the accompaniment of available scripts that makes the whole piece interractive. 
            EUPALINOS' latest work "Concrete kite" at Yarn Factory Art projects includes floating water tower in mid air with kinetic box clock that hovers horizontally within the gallery space, an animated two dimensional figure of a horse, and some sculptures that seemingly mechanical and makes the whole installation surreal. EUPALINOS investigates the possibilities of "virtual air and gravity" that we all residents of SL has access to but overlooked most of the time.

*Experience the show by clicking the water tower infront of the 2 dimensional running paper horse and discover the result and be surprise.

Monday, June 6, 2011


   Every time I see a new comer or a newbie or a noob  walk like a duck, running  all over the place, using the default gestures like blow a kiss, asking how to play this game and how they can  get some money it gives me a flashback of my blooper days in Second Life.

  MAKE_MY_DAY_! is my first virtual solo exhibition and YARN FACTORY ART PROJECTS' first feature exhibition as well. The concept is all about noobs and freebies. I disassembled  and reassembled some of my stuffs that I've got from some freebie stores when I was like a month old in second life. It is something like an assemblage installation in RL, almost 80 percent of the materials I used in this show are premade and 100 percent freebie. I also made some SL photography of some noobs around the info hubs and welcome area as my subject.

  This is a memorable show for me. Imagine, I'm the artist, the curator, the architect and the staff all in one.

Here are some photos of the show.. (I also included the pieces that were shown in tochigi japan sim and you can see most of them inside the YARN FACTORY VAN) 

Installation view 1 ( "AIR TIGHT CONTAINER"  materials: Arcadia freebies, Urban spirit freebies and Damen Gorillas SL Shopping Bag

Installation view 2

Installation view 3: "freebie symphony" (1 prim grass and lavender by itutu)

"FREEBIE SYMPHONY" : Secondlife Photography ( location: Wanderstill, Ode (168, 209, 77)  "fresh" Letter blocks: Assembled Arcadia freebies
"I SEE GREY PEOPLE" : Secondlife photography. location: Random info hubs


"CONTROL+SHIFT+R!" (models: Random newbies)

"THE MOST GENUINE" : Secondlife photography + Arcadia freebie cart : Models: random newbies

"PROCESSING NOOB" : **virtual collage**;) model: newbie from welcome area


 YARN FACTORY ART PROJECTS  is a contemporary virtual art space for art exhibitions, sound art, performance art, video art/ Machinima, art talks and other art related events.

The gallery was located in Tochigi japan sim. But due to RL works and responsibilities I was forced to closed it down since it's not practical for me to maintain the gallery without logging in to SL. 

 Two weeks ago, I learned about the Secondlife 8th Birthday and they were accepting proposals for an art exhibition for the said event. Fortunately, my proposal was selected and in june 5, 2011 I immediately constructed my piece. Because of my "building hungriness " (being away for months and months in sl) I finished the construction for like 7 hours straight lol!

 Then, I've met Gamxor (the land owner in LOKI SIM). He likes my piece in SL8B and asked me if I wanted to put up the gallery in his land. This is a great opportunity for YARN FACTORY ART PROJECTS since it is a NON PROFIT art gallery from the start.

 In my 1st month in sl what i did was gallery hopping all the way but.. (please don't get me wrong) I was very disappointed about the art scene in sl. Most of them are super commercial galleries with full bright wall and the worst are the eyesoring glowing neon gallery walls. This is just my humble opinion and i hope I don't  sound like an arrogant artsy fartsy patron.

I said to my self that I'm going to make  "at least" a decent art space with no full bright wall and checkered flooring also in full bright!  Since then, I forced my self to study building techniques. I have no any knowledge in 3d stuffs since most of my works in RL are paintings, sculpture and some installations.

 I would like to acknowledge Builders Brewery and some Youtube tutorials that helped me how to  learn building in Secondlife and of course to Gamxor for making YARN FACTORY ART PROJECTS back to business.

Main gallery at Loki 


Small signage looks good!

Yarn Factory Van