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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CONCRETE KITE by Eupalinos Ugajin (Feb27 - Mar13)

Yarn Factory Art Project's new location at Ionic Spell collective SIM

Gallery entrance

Machinima by Ruth Latour

            EUPALINOS UGAJIN is one of the most prolific visual artist in Second life who's done numerous exhibition/ installation art around the grid. EUPALINOS' works mostly with regular prims and sculpties with the accompaniment of available scripts that makes the whole piece interractive. 
            EUPALINOS' latest work "Concrete kite" at Yarn Factory Art projects includes floating water tower in mid air with kinetic box clock that hovers horizontally within the gallery space, an animated two dimensional figure of a horse, and some sculptures that seemingly mechanical and makes the whole installation surreal. EUPALINOS investigates the possibilities of "virtual air and gravity" that we all residents of SL has access to but overlooked most of the time.

*Experience the show by clicking the water tower infront of the 2 dimensional running paper horse and discover the result and be surprise.